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The South African summers are full of sun and fun, but let's face it, the same sun that we enjoy during our summer activities can take it's toll on our gardens.

We don't always have the time to spend watering them and we can't always rely on a shower from heaven.

It's time to be honest, no one wants a dry lawn or wilting vegetation. Do something about it, give us a call so we can hook you up with a system that will free up your time for better things.

There are many irrigation systems in circulation within the South African market and it can be a daunting task to take it upon yourself to install them.

The Irrigation Shop is the one stop solution you've been looking for, whether it be the installation of a new system or the upgrade of an existing one, we are experienced and efficient.

We offer a wide range of solutions to fit any pocket and our service is so good that most of our business is generated from word of mouth.

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