So what do we offer exactly? Below are a couple of solutions that you may be interested in:

Domestic Reverse Osmosis

Auto backwash function with manual check button and water quality indicator to monitor filter status with the press of a button.Pressurized storage tank with 8 lt capacity included.All built into an elegant casing for neat under counter or counter top installation.High quality stainless steel faucet with easy D.I.Y. installation kit included.

5 Filter Stages with pressure booster pump:

  • High capacity inline 5u sediment removal filter
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) chemical removal filter
  • High capacity inline 1u sediment removal filter
  • High quality 192 LPD, TFC reverse osmosis membrane
  • Coconut shell G.A.C. taste and odor removal filter

Commerical Reverse Osmosis

CL 300- 600 (1100 Lt/Day - 2200 Lt/Day)

Standard Features: TFC Membranes. Three pre-filtration stages (5u Sediment removal G.A.C Carbon1u Sediment removal). High & Low pressure gauges. Product & reject flow meters. High & Low pressure cut-off switch with solenoid valves. High flow booster pump. Water quality monitor.

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